Shuswap Lake Map

Everyone's idea of the ideal vacation is different, and the best part of a Waterway Houseboat vacation (aside from the sun, sand, and beautiful surroundings) is that there is something for everyone.

There are many great locations to explore in B.C., including Shuswap LakeShuswap Lake is the ideal summer vacation spot. Consisting of four arms, Salmon Arm, Anstey Arm, Seymour Arm and the main lake, this incredible lake is 89km of clear, fresh water and breathtaking views.

Perfect for boating, suntanning and adventure, there’s something for everyone. Whether you're battling a rainbow trout on Little Shuswap Lake, hiking through the Giant Cedar Forest in Anstey Arm, or playing a round of golf at Hyde Mountain Golf Club in Sicamous, Shuswap Lake if full of beauty, adventure, and memories to come, and a houseboat trip is the most stylish way to travel this scenic route.

Get the most out of your Waterway Houseboat vacation while out on “The Shuswap”, stop in the Narrows for a swim, check out the Unnamed Waterfalls or cliff jump off Copper Island. Not only will you enjoy the water, the weather and the scenic views, you will get to indulge in many beloved shore excursions no matter which route you take.

Click on the interactive Shuswap Lake map below to explore some of the fantastic shore excursions that await you. The Waterway Houseboat vacation experience is guaranteed to make everyone happy. 

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