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Night security is responsible for the safe environment of our guest and business.
Position is 9pm – 7am – Responsible for the safety of our guests and business at night.


  • Check with the Operations Manager on call.
  • Check docks A & B several times per evening,
  • Check in with guests on dock, introduce yourself and let them know you are around for the evening, make sure guest are respectful to each other and neighbours
  • 11pm is quiet time
  • Night security is responsible for any communication with the boats during the night. You are on call for any emergency situations. If an emergency situation comes up you will be responsible to contact Operations and instruct boat on protocol
  • Organizing yard for morning crew
  • Checking our lower and upper parking lot
  • Checking our staff accommodations
  • Checking our intown site
  • Make sure all boats with no guests on them are locked
  • Tidy dock if needed, empty garbage
  • Organize carts /pick up any garbage around yard as walking around.
  • Leave notes for operations of any disturbances on dock and on Lake
  • Put service or maintenance calls in their folders by the time clock for respective departments
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