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Maintenance is responsibility to keep the fleet well maintained and to a very high standard set by the company. The position is key for our customers to enjoy a safe trouble free vacation. The Maintenance role is imperative for Waterway to deliver the WOW factor to our clients.


  • Focused on detail professional maintenance
  • Responsible for all paperwork tracking of any maintenance work
  • Prompt follow up with guest inquiries
  • Enthusiastic and able to work in a fast paced environment
  • Good decision making and judgment calls
  • Think outside the box.
  • Work under pressure.
  • Deal with difficult or confrontational customers.
  • Forward thinking well organized, very good planning skills
  • Plan, organize, and control daily boat maintenance
  • Manage and track used inventory, and time be cost effective
  • Help with administrative services (signage, building and grounds maintenance, parking, etc.)
  • Contribute to tracking lists for future work
  • Ensuring the maintenance staff check lists are followed and checked on each turn
  • Handle client questions professionally without opinion
  • Skilled in some, electrical, carpentry, plumbing
  • Cut costs, manage overtime
  • Major focus on safety and security procedures
  • Work with purchasing to administer contracts for the provision of supplies and services


  • Always Represent Waterway Houseboat Vacations in a positive professional manner
  • Be neat, clean and professional
  • Work closely with the team to ensure task list completed
  • Make quick and independent decisions on items that require repair that effect our customer experience
  • Treat customers and staff as you want to be treated
  • Communicate any issues or questions to the appropriate departments
  • Review Employee handbook understand our business
  • Complete your jobs in a fast and efficient manner
  • Ask for necessary tools to do your job correctly
  • Understand every aspect of our business from check in to check out and the importance of knowing how
  • The business works and the importance of your position
  • Be proactive, be forward thinking, and reliable
  • Keep your work area clean and clean up your area after job is complete
  • Be a good team player, be a good communicator, delivery great customer service
  • Work independently and take ownership for work
  • Have a good work ethic, start on time, – be Professional
  • Be professional looking and sounding, answer customer concerns correctly
  • Create a 5 star vacation destination atmosphere
  • Treat customers and staff as you want to be treated and teach that message
  • Communicate any issues or questions to the appropriate departments
  • Know the boats, walk the boats, have your team walk the fleet and understand their differences
  • Know the team, the department Managers – Spend time finding out what they do, and how it will and can affect your team.
  • Understand the Lake, all it’s locations, all it has to offer, sell the experience, and the "stuff to do"
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