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Pot Luck, Hard Luck…Sorry for your Luck

Uncle Bill’s going to talk about the family Tree…The Clan – When the Hatfield’s fought the McCoy’s, the good old Days, when bread was a nickel. When he worked for 40 cents a day, walked to school 4 miles everyday uphill, both ways.

Great Uncle Jed will be telling us about hunting for food, and up came bubbling crude and how they moved to Beverly Hills.

Who really wants to hear about Grannies new dentures?

Hey….It’s way more fun to listen and spend quality time with the family on a Waterway Houseboat!

Family trees are more fun when you’re surrounded by the trees in the beautiful Shuswap. The Hatfield’s and McCoy’s can square off on the fastest run down a tube slide. Uncle Bill Soaking in the Hot tub – takes away the 4 mile walk to school. Uncle Jed moving to Beverly Hills is a great story around a beach campfire and Grannies Dentures will be smiling from the time you board your luxurious Waterway Houseboat until the time your family re-union is over.

Are you ready for the first family reunion you never want to end?

Book a Waterway Houseboat for your family reunion today.

Load up the family and head to the sunny Shuswap.

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