Booking Policies
Booking Policies

Boarding Policies

A reservation can only be confirmed upon receipt of a Reservation Deposit. The deposit for booking is $750 for all models except the Legacy which requires a $1,500 deposit. This deposit is due at the time of booking and may be made by Cash, Cheque, Visa or Master Card. Please note we cannot hold  a reservation nor will it be confirmed without a deposit. Captains and co-captains must have a valid driver's license and be at least 19 years of age (25 years of age for the Legacy class houseboats).

Security Deposit Requirements

Upon arrival, a Security Deposit is required. This deposit is refundable; less any outstanding charges including lost or damaged items, excessively unclean boats or any damage resulting from negligent operation of, or activity on the houseboat. The security deposit on Mirage 40, Mirage 42, Mirage 44, Mirage 54, Mirage 56  and Mirage 65/65U is $2,500 with insurance purchase or $5,000 without. The security deposit on the Mirage 66, Genesis 60, Genesis 66, Genesis 70 and Genesis 75 is $5,000 with insurance purchase or $10,000 without. The Legacy requires a $7,500 security deposit with insurance purchase or a $15,000 deposit without. This is payable by Visa, Master Card, cash or certified cheque. No personal or company cheques are accepted. Our ski boats have a security deposit of $2,500 or $5,000 on all long weekends.

Final Payment Information

The full charter fee is due 60 days prior to boarding. 90 days prior for the Mirage 66, Genesis 60, Genesis 66, Genesis 70 and Genesis 75 and Legacy 94 models. Please send a post-dated cheque or allow authorization of your Visa / MasterCard, payable 60/90 days prior to boarding, at the time you book your reservation. Your reservation may be cancelled if we do not receive payment in full by the due date.

Insurance Requirements

The Insurance option, which covers the rented houseboat, is as follows: you may purchase insurance deductible buy down for $34/day + GST and PST tax, which will buy you a deductible of $1,000 (Legacy $1,500). The insurance covers fire, marine collision, any unusual risks or damages, it does not cover prop damage or any damage to the underside of the houseboat, lost inventory items, damage caused to other vessels or property or damage caused by the charterer's own negligence. If you choose to waive the insurance option, then Waterway Houseboats will require an increase of your security deposit from $2,500/$5,000/$7,500 to a $5,000/$10,000/$15,000 security deposit.


There is no fee for a cancellation or change within 10 days of booking your reservation unless you are within your full payment due date (60*/90* days prior to sailing date).You will be charged a facilitation fee of $525.00 (Mirage models) / $750 (Mirage 66 and all Genesis models) / $1,000 (Legacy models) for any cancellations or changes made after your 10 day grace period. Your full rental due date is 60*/90* days prior to your sailing date and if you make a cancellation after your full rental due date the entire rental payment will be forfeited unless we can re-book the houseboat. In the event that we re-book your houseboat you will receive the re-charter value back less the full booking deposit**.
* 90 days on all Legacy, Genesis and Mirage 66 models, 60 days on all other models.
** Your full booking deposit is non-refundable once you are within your full rental due date.

Pet Policy

We strongly advise against bringing pets on your houseboat vacation. If you do wish to bring a pet, there is a $100 + GST and PST per trip,  per pet fee charged.